PIANO Series

High time for a timeless coat-rack: the simplistic design of the PIANO 1350, PIANO 900 en PIANO 450 series are part of the standard portfolio and will be installed as a complete unit. A beautiful combination with the CUBE and MIRROR series is absolutely a suggestion for everyone's wishes.

The coat-rack hooks itselves are made out of pure nature oak (including white oil) or lacquered in a Pure White colour, but the other CUBE series lacquer colours are also possible at specific request. Longer dimensions, till 3 meter in length, are in principle possible at request.


PIANO 450 - PIANO 900 - PIANO 1350

PIANO Impressions

PIANO Combinations

Combination PIANO 900 (left) with MIRROR 1350

Combination PIANO 900 (right) with MIRROR 1350

Combination PIANO 450 (left) with MIRROR 1350

Combination PIANO 450 (right) with MIRROR 1350


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